Area History


Mangotree Dipudjo Homestay is quietly tucked in the Pujokusuman Heritage District, just next to the Pujokusuman Heritage Palace. The Palace is named after the late Prince Pujokusuman who was a direct descendant of Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII. It was presented by the Sultan to Prince Pujokusuman to become his official home. The Palace itself was constructed during the reign of Sultan Hamengkubuwono II.


Prince Pujokusuman was known to have great interest on the preservation and development of Yogyakarta royal arts and dances. With the aid from his brother in law, Sasminta Wardhaya, one of the masters of the Yogyakarta Royal Dance, the Pujokusuman Heritage Palace eventually grows to become one of Yogya’s prominent royal dance training center. It currently hosts the internationally renowned Pamulang Bekso Sasminto Wardhoyo Royal Dance Foundation. Visitors are welcome to take or see the daily dance lessons. Occational royal dance performances are held during  special royal events.